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Trend Hairstyle 2023: Wispy Bangs Are Trendy In Winter


Would you like to venture a small type change in winter 2022? Then we have something for you here! Wispy bangs are the hairstyle trend of the season - and what exactly is behind it, we reveal here.

Trend Hairstyle 2023: Wispy Bangs Are Trendy In Winter
Wispy Bangs: Probably the most diverse of all pony hairstyles.

Spice up the hairstyle, contour the face, cheat us a little younger - yeah, what a pony like that can't do! But while last season it was mainly the curtain bangs that made us rave, this winter a whole new pony trend is spreading: Curtain up for the wispy bangs!

Wispy Bangs: This is behind the hairstyle trend

The Wispy Bangs are very slightly fanned out, loose and, above all, fringed pony à la Brigitte Bardot. The special thing about it: Here we are dealing with the most diverse of all pony hairstyles. The pony can be worn classically and slightly thinned or fanned out in the middle parting and to the sides. The perfect compromise for those who are still undecided when it comes to the bangs!

Who Are Wispy Bangs Like?

By the way, it gets even better: Thanks to their diversity, Wispy Bangs really flatters every woman! Even finer hair types and longer face shapes benefit from the fanned-out bangs. And of course, it doesn't matter whether you wear your hair long or short, straight or wavy - Wispy Bangs go with every style.

How to style wispy bangs properly

And what about the styling? Admittedly, we wouldn't be so blown away if this wasn't super easy for us too. Wispy bangs are actually very easy to care for. In order for them to sit well, the hair should just not be too greasy. You can also shape the hairstyle with a round brush or a straightening iron.

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