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Curl Without Heat: 3 Tricks For Overnight Heatless Curls


With these tricks you can style curls even without heat: Did you know that curls work with socks or a bathrobe belt? Then you should try these tricks for heatless curls!

Curl Without Heat: 3 Tricks For Overnight Heatless Curls

This is how you get beautiful curls without heat.

Straight or curly hair - the structure of human hair is genetically determined. This was proven by a study by the Queensland Institute of Medical Research 2009. The problem with this: If you have curly hair, you usually want it straight, and if you have it straight, you want curls - of course. Fortunately, there are gadgets such as straightening irons or curling irons that help us with these wishes.

But: Those who frequently curl their straight hair or want to give frizzy hair more structure and regularly use a curling iron or twist the hair with a flat iron can damage the hair structure from the hot temperatures. You can also make curls gently without heat, namely with the help of moisture and a few small tools.

These hairstyles with curls look especially beautiful

Of course, you can simply wear your curls open, but you can also pull them halfway back or put them together as a loose bun at the neck, hairstyles with curls look super beautiful. With short hair, the curls visually provide fullness and a fresh look. Get inspiration from the stars' best curly hairstyles.

Best Curly Hairstyles Of The Stars - 24 Looks From Natural Frizz To Beach Waves

If you don't have curly hair by nature, you can create casual beach waves or elegant corkscrew curls yourself. And yes: you can curl overnight without curlers or other devices. With a few tricks you can do it with every hair, you simply need a couple of hair ties or tools from the wardrobe and a few hours of your time.

3 tricks for overnight curls without heat

We'll tell you our best curl hacks, but be careful: With fine hair, the curls should start close to the head, this creates more volume. The shorter the hair, the smaller the strands you should cut off to twist them in, so that enough curls can form. (The best hairstyles for long hair can be found here.)

Big curls without heat

Heatless curls are not only gentler on the hair, they often also look more natural. You can make curls yourself without heat, for example, with papillots made of foam (available in the drugstore). If you don't have papillotes on hand, you can also help yourself with a bathrobe belt or socks. Yes, you read that right. You can make curls with socks yourself, like this:

  1. Moisten the hair lightly and divide it into two parts.
  2. Work in a dollop of mousse.
  3. Put two knotted socks or the bathrobe belt on your head like a hairband.
  4. Now wrap the hair from each side of the head in individual strands in a spiral around one end of the sock or one side of the bathrobe belt.
  5. Fix the tips with hair ties or clips.
  6. Let the hair dry, preferably overnight. The next morning, loosen the strands and carefully remove the socks and enjoy the curls with socks or a bathrobe belt.

Big curls without heat | Curl Without Heat: 3 Tricks For Overnight Heatless Curls

If you want to make curls yourself without heat for the evening, you can also use classic curlers. They're great for regular-looking curls and are a great choice during the day because they're quick and easy to apply. They are often found annoying at night while sleeping.


Corkscrew curls without heat

Even the popular corkscrew curls can be brought into the hair without heat. How can you make these curls yourself?

  1. Divide long, still damp hair into sections and twist them into snails.
  2. Secure with a hair tie and let dry overnight or at least three hours.
  3. Loosen the bun and fix the resulting curls with hairspray.

Corkscrew curls without heat | Curl Without Heat: 3 Tricks For Overnight Heatless Curls

Isn't your hair long enough to twist into a bun at the back of your head? Then divide the hair on the head into several small strands and twist them into individual, small snails and fix with a hair elastic. This trick usually works on short hair as well. You can also try the little snails with long hair.

Beach waves without heat: how to create curls with the bathrobe belt

Do you feel like that holiday feeling and want the casual hair waves back, which the sea and sun often conjure up effortlessly on your head? For beach waves, you can do without the damaging heat from a curling iron or straightening iron and make your curls overnight without heat. All you need is a bathrobe belt and 90 percent dry hair. (Perfect combo: curls and bangs - this is how it works.)

Instructions for the best beach waves:

  1. Place the bathrobe belt on the middle of your head so that both ends of the belt are the same length.
  2. Now wrap your hair in individual strands around the belt in a pigtail on each side and secure the end with a hair elastic.
  3. Then twist the braids into snails on your head and secure them again with a hair tie - scrunchies are particularly suitable here.
  4. Leave the whole thing in your hair overnight and open the snails the next morning. Gently brush your way through the resulting curls until your desired waves are created.
  5. In the end, set everything in place with some hairspray.

Beach waves without heat: how to create curls with the bathrobe belt | Curl Without Heat: 3 Tricks For Overnight Heatless Curls

Making curls last without heat

Heatless curls can also look beautiful and keep their shape all day. The right styling products are important. Before curling, it is best to put some mousse into the hair and then use a little hairspray to make the individual waves durable in the tips. Always spray the spray into curly hair from below, this gives extra zest. Be careful not to use too much mousse or hairspray, as this can drag hairstyles with curls down and the beautiful waves hang out quicker. It all comes down to the right mix!

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