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Unsuspected Benefits Of Nettle For The Hair


Nettle is not just that stinging and itchy plant. It is also famous for its benefits for the hair. Focus on its 3 main actions.

Unsuspected Benefits of Nettle for The Hair

Until today, you may not have been a big fan of nettles. And we understand you. For many, they are simply weeds which, when one has the misfortune to brush their hairy leaves, cause itching, redness, and sometimes even blisters. However, nettles have many virtues. Appreciated by some people in the kitchen, this herbaceous plant is also excellent in cosmetics.

Promising to act on the beauty of your skin - in particular thanks to its purifying and anti-inflammatory properties - or even of your nails - by strengthening them -, nettles have also already proven themselves in the hair field. Yes, you read that right, nettle is truly a miracle ingredient for hair. This hated plant has several benefits to sublimate your hair, and here are the 3 main ones.

Nettle, an anti-hair loss ingredient

The use of nettles is recommended for people suffering from hair loss. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this plant is known to revitalize and strengthen hair fiber, but also reduce hair loss. If it is possible to find nettle-based cosmetics for the scalp, you can also count on food supplements.

Nettle to bring shine to dull hair

Nettles don't just heal and strengthen hair. They also have the power to sublimate them. If the nettle integrates some of our hair care, it is also because it brings a beautiful shine to the hair fiber. It is therefore recommended for people with dull hair.

Nettle, best ally against oily hair

Nettle is known to have a purifying action on the skin. Of course, you can also use this plant to treat your scalp. Opt for example for a nettle shampoo to regulate sebum production and get rid of dandruff. The a good tip to know if you tend to have greasy hair!

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