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Hair Shaved Off! Demi Lovato Is Sporting A Buzzcut Now


First, a pixie cut, then a mullet, and now a buzzcut – US superstar Demi Lovato has once again sported a new hairstyle, this time she has completely shaved her hair down to a few millimeters. A statement look that requires special care.

Hair Shaved Off! Demi Lovato Is Sporting A Buzzcut Now
This look is passed! Demi Lovato has changed her hairstyle again.

In a video, Demi Lovato presented her buzzcut from all sides in front of a snow-covered mountain landscape and dared a hair experiment with which she obviously seems to feel comfortable: "Fresh start" was the singer's comment on her post, which already has more than two million views (as of December 28th .2021) – an extremely cool look reminiscent of the young Demi Moore.

A buzzcut like Demi Lovato? You should know that

A buzzcut like Demi Lovato? You should know that | Hair Shaved Off! Demi Lovato Is Sporting A Buzzcut Now

In fact, an eventful year is coming to an end for Demi Lovato - a year full of courage and change: In May the artist came out as pansexual - a sexual orientation in which no distinction is made between genders and the identities associated with them. Lovato then described himself with the pronouns "they" or "them".

If you opt for a buzz cut like Lovato, you should be aware that with this cut the focus is completely on the face, which can make contours appear harder. When it comes to make-up, this gives room for cool styles, emphasized lips come into their own even more, large earrings complement the baldness.

In general, the scalp should be given special protection with such short hair - in winter it is essential to wear headgear such as caps or hats, in summer UV protection is important. Special sprays or a non-greasy sunscreen protect the sensitive scalp from sunburn and dry patches.

And there's one more thing you should be aware of before you cut it: If you don't like the buzzcut anymore, it will take years until it grows out again, including annoying transition lengths. Demi Lovato will probably not wait that long with her next hair experiment, after all, she is not only a fan of haircuts but also of wigs and hair extensions. In this way, ultra-short can very quickly become ultra-long again.

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