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Hairstyle Trend 2023: We'Re Already Wearing Sienna Miller'S Shaggy Bob


Why wait until next year when you can already wear the hottest trend hairstyle for 2022 now? Actress and It-Girl Sienna Miller is once again one step ahead of us and shows it - with the Shaggy Bob.

Hairstyle Trend 2023: We're Already Wearing Sienna Miller's Shaggy Bob
The trend hairstyle for 2022? Definitely Sienna Miller's Shaggy Bob.

Are you still wondering whether you should finally swap your long hair for a trendy short hairstyle? We make the decision very easy for you. Or actress and it girl Sienna Miller. The 39-year-old is known for her medium-length, blonde mane, and bangs. Deviate from your signature look? Has not come in the bag so far. But that's over now. Now the British woman has made short work of it and presents us with the hottest short hairstyle for 2022: the ultra-casual shaggy bob.

Hairstyle trend 2022: We're already wearing Sienna Miller's shaggy bob

Of course, Sienna Miller wouldn't be Sienna Miller if she didn't give Shaggy Bob her own personal touch. Instead of clean edges, the queen of boho chic relies on wild waves and an undone look. The hairstyle is inspired by rock wave shag. Why should you cut the hairstyle trend for 2022 right now? The trendy short hairstyle is perfect for winter. Especially when hats and scarfs come into play, long hair is real torture. In addition, the Shaggy Bob is super easy to care for. We don't have to spend the dark and cold winter mornings washing our hair but can go straight out of the house (in the spirit of boho-chic). Practically!

How to style Sienna Miller's shaggy bob?

You only need 4 products to make the Shaggy Bob by Sienna Miller a success:

Try to get away from it while styling to get the look perfect. Because Sienna Miller's Shaggy Bob thrives on naturalness. Tip: The trend hairstyle often looks even better the next day!

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