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Modern Perm Is The Must-Have For Curly Hair


Cool, cool perm! With "Modern Perm" the curly hairstyle of the 80s celebrates its big and, above all, stylish comeback. We know what's behind "Modern Perm".

Modern Perm is The Must-Have for Curly Hair
"Modern Perm" is the hair trend for 2022.

Modern Perm is The Must-Have for Curly Hair
Here you can find out everything about the trendy curly hairstyle.

The perm is back! And (fortunately!) cooler and more stylish than ever. In the spring of 2022, we are going all out for "Modern Perm" - the modern counterpart to the classic perm.

That means Modern Permian

Frizzy 80s perm with luscious volume? Was yesterday! While the classic perm is primarily done with curlers and very short hair, the focus of the "modern perm" is more on loose, light beach waves in an undone look that lasts forever. And all without a curling iron!

How Modern Perm Works?

If you want a perm treatment à la Modern Perm, it is best to go to your trusted hairdresser. The doctor will first roll the damp hair onto large rollers and then apply a waving product and leave it to work. Once the hair has taken on the desired shape, a fixative is applied.

Important: "Modern Perm" is only suitable for natural or light-colored hair. Dyed hair tends not to take the treatment evenly. "Moden Perm" could also be harmful to extremely thin or damaged hair.

How Modern Perm Works? | Modern Perm is The Must-Have for Curly Hair
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Proper care for "Modern Perm"

As with the classic perm, there is a lot to consider when caring for "Modern Perm". "Modern Perm" is gentler than a perm, but still requires special care. It is best to use special shampoos and hair conditioners for damaged and curly hair. Rich masks should also be used regularly.

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