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Cap Hairstyles: With These 6 Tips, Flat And Flyaway Hair Are History


Your hat ruining your hairdo? With these 6 tips, flat and flyaway hair will be a thing of the past!

Cap Hairstyles: With These 6 Tips, Flat And Flyaway Hair Are History
Do you need tips on how to keep your hair looking good despite your hat?

Cap Hairstyles: With These 6 Tips, Flat And Flyaway Hair Are History
Here are 6 ultimate tricks for the perfect hat hairstyle!

Hats are a curse and a blessing at the same time: on the one hand, they keep us warm and protect us from the cold, on the other hand, they destroy our hairstyle. Especially in winter, our hair tends to be drier than usual and becomes electrostatically charged very quickly - so flying hair is almost inevitable when wearing a hat. Many women also complain about flat and greasy hair at this time of year. But that doesn't have to be! With these 6 tips, your hairstyle will stand up to almost any hat - I promise!

Hat hairstyles: this is how the hairstyle stays in shape

1. Apply hair treatments regularly

One possible reason for flyaway hair in winter is a mane that is too dry. To prevent this, you should use a nourishing hair treatment two to three times a week. This is particularly effective if you leave it on under heat, such as with a towel.

2. Wear cotton hats and chunky knits

Your hair gets more air under cotton hats. So they don't look quite as flat and greasy as, for example, with models made of new wool. Coarsely knit models also give your hair more space so that it doesn't look flat.

3. Use dry shampoo

Before you start, put a little dry shampoo in your hair - this is also recommended by the German Association for Personal Care and Detergents (IKW). When you take off your hat, you simply knead your roots a little and flat hair is a thing of the past! Another plus: dry shampoo not only makes your hair more voluminous but also removes excess fat. According to the association, hair wax can work wonders for short hair instead.


4. Always have a leave-in conditioner on hand

If your hair starts to fly out along the way, always have a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz spray in your purse. That quickly fixes the problem.

5. Only blow dry your hair if you have to

It is well known that the heat of the hairdryer dries out the hair. It is therefore advisable to set the hairdryer one level cooler in winter. Don't forget the heat protection spray!

6. Put the hat on correctly

So that your mane still looks nice under the hat, it is also important how you put the hat on. The following applies here: the more casual, the better. Feel free to let a few strands peek out to frame your face.

6. Put the hat on correctly | Cap Hairstyles: With These 6 Tips, Flat And Flyaway Hair Are History
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