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Hair Trends 2023 - Women Leave Hair!


As with the latest fashions, hairstyle trends are always eagerly awaited. In 2022 everything will be there that you like. Which trend is ideal for women over 40 and why short haircuts are so trendy - more in the following article.

Hair Trends 2023 - Women Leave Hair!
You can look forward to these trends in 2022.

Pixie or curtain bangs? Hair extensions or do you prefer layered hair? The hairdresser will pull out all the stops in 2022. Anyone who has previously dreamed of long hair in vain will be happy. Bonding extensions create dreamy manes in no time without having to wait forever for shorter hair sections to grow back. With consistent care and a little care, you can enjoy the new head of hair for a relatively long time without letting your own hair grow over your shoulders. The perfect hairstyle has been found for balls and other events, a magical moment.

Levels and volumes are back in fashion

Layered hair and moisturizing shampoo are the perfect mixes. In 2022, the casual, gentle step cuts will ensure a casual, very lively look. Those who prefer it inconspicuous and subtle, opt for a hairstyle with a lot of volumes. This hairstyle trend fits every face type and gives a hair trend to feel good.

Pony in all variations

Pony or pony? In 2022 there are many different ways to cut the bangs. Curtain Bangs? Yes, exactly, the curtain pony is celebrating its revival and is perfect for career women who want to style themselves in a variety of ways. Sometimes the pony is swung casually to the side, sometimes worn as a full pony. The main thing is that it's fun.

But be careful: a full pony is not easy to care for. In return, it gives a relaxed look or hides some small blemishes on the forehead. The cut is shorter on the inside and correspondingly longer on the outside. The trusted hairdresser certainly knows how to cut the perfect bangs masterfully.

The outgrown bangs cover the eyebrows or go even deeper. Blunt cut - without steps and completely straight - it is perfect.

Vacation hairstyle without being ready for vacation

It might sound strange, but if you see the result, you'll be thrilled: Bronde - the uncrowned queen of hair colors consists of a mixture of brown and blonde. The term holiday hairstyle is derived from the mix of different colors in the hair. The soft sunlight after the holiday, for example, is also reflected after coloring with Bronde. The curly hair looks much more well-groomed and lively. This guarantees a touch of that holiday feeling in the middle of winter.


Pixie 4-ever?

A pixie, like the bangs, hardly ever really goes out of style. It reinvents itself again and again and impresses with the fact that it is very easy to care for. The hair is easy to style. The pixie is ideal for fine hair. It gives more volume and should be cut by a professional. Depending on the shape of the face, it is crucial that the pixie fits and optimally balances the angle of the face.

Alternatively, you can wear a long pixie in which some strands can cover the ear. So a good transition from a short haircut to medium-length hair for summer.

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